First, here are 6 direct quotes from your company website that I would like you to review /confirm....

1. From day one we have remained 100 % committed to delivering absolute customer satisfaction.
2. Our doors are open 24/7
3. We pioneered new communication technologies and were the first in the industry to provide a direct customer service hotline.
4. We are probably the only brand you can reach directly via Livechat or Skype
5. We have always stood up to take responsibility for our mistakes and we view each of them as an opportunity to improve.
6. We believe in being a responsible company
(if you would like direct links to these quotes in your website, let me know).

So, this whole situation started when I was on a short trip to Jacksonville Florida and had all my kites in a standard Thule car top carrier. After the second day, I took out my TS 12M and tried to inflate it, but it would not hold air. I could hear air leaking from all the valves in the leading edge. I pulled out the bladder and noticed all but 1 valve delaminated. I was able to do a temporary fix on them, but then discovered upon inflating it again that all the strut valves had leaks as well. So, I tried to contact your company for help and his is what I experienced....

1. I called several times the U.S number provided on the website and NO ONE ever answered the phone. Several of my calls resulted in the phone ringing 2 or 3 times and then I would get silence. I called on various other days through that week and had the same situation occur.

2. I filled out your Warranty Request form and it stated someone would be in contact with me within 48 hours. It took over a week before someone finally contacted me 

3. I tried contacting BEST by email and had a similar result where it took several days before someone finally contacted me (Lia by phone).

4. I tried your online chat feature and received this error: Warning mail(): Failed to connect to mailserver at "localhost" port 25, verify your "SMTP"

5. I finally received an email weeks after my submission from your warranty department (Priscilla Metaireau) in which she informed me (I quote)..."
Unfortunately, this kite is already 3 years old and that can’t be covered by warranty, It is considered as normal use of the kite"

6. I emailed her back to explain how this was not an acceptable answer and clearly a manufacturer defect. I have yet to receive a response.

7. I emailed Lia to please pass on my complaint to a higher ranking official and have yet to get a response from her or anyone else.

Now, I can totally accept a normal use issue if that where the case, but when your website has a document in the warranty section that exactly explains this de-lam issue, and all of my valves came off at the same exact time, then this clearly illustrates that this is not a "Normal Use" issue but rather a manufacturer defect. None of my other kites stored in the same location had any issues except for this 12M BEST kite. As a BEST customer, I have really felt let down with this whole situation and ignored by your company. This is the type of service I would expect from a small cheap kite company, not yours.  I would like your company to take some responsibility for this issue (like your website claims).

Please note that I am not just trying to get free stuff here. My main desire is for BEST to take responsibility for their products as promised and provide some type of restitution by either helping pay for all 10 valves I had to purchase from AirTime Kite, or some other form of compensation.

Thank you,
Kirk Ziegler
Ph: 1.269.948.9124